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LOL! Meme

Kumi me dio envidia así que y también lo hice XDDDDDDDD

Hetalia - WTF moment by undame
Ate your last nectarine
Crushed your car into wall
Will marry you
Killed all your friends
Used bazooka to destroy your computer
Wants to have sex with you
Wants to rape you
Will give you money, if you marry him or her
Your father
The person who killed your father
Your childhood friend who is in love with you
Caused your death
Will give you ice cream after this quiz
Hides under your bed
Will read bedtime story for you
Died while you were reading this quiz

Ita mata a mis amigos!!! Lo sabia maldito no eres hetare eres un yandere!!!

LOL me caso kn el yayo XDDDD
Latvia tu tbn! Tanto estar con Rusia no mates a mi papi!Uk
SIR me quiere violarrrr noooo (huye en busca de una almohada rosa para usar de cebo)
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